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We believe that preparing in advance for breastfeeding, baby care, and pumping (if needed) in advance helps families get off to the right start. We notice that parents who have taken a class are more calm and confident as they start off breastfeeding and know when to seek help if they have difficulties.

Professional + Fun

Our classes are taught by experienced IBCLCs (lactation consultants), registered nurses and nutritionists who make classes informal, interactive and fun while making sure you get a lot of education in two hours. We also give you an informational packet to take home so you don’t need to remember everything.

Come with questions, leave with clarity. Babies are always welcome!

Our Classes

Women’s Birth & Wellness Center offers the following classes for parents. You do not need to be a patient to participate!

Each of the first four classes costs $30 per mom and support person. Or, bundle and save! Get all 4 classes for $100. And, be sure to join for our cloth diapering class – it’s free!

Women’s Birth and Wellness Center also offers the following Well Woman Classes. You do not need to be a patient to participate!

The fee for these classes can vary, and registration is required.

Register for Classes 

What do people who take our classes say about them?

Moms say:

    • “Reassured me of my natural capabilities.”
    • “So much great information without being overwhelming.”
    • “The class was interesting and very informative while being relaxed and comfortable.”
    • “Great info, very clear and non-judgmental.”
    • “Teaching style was excellent for different types of learners!”
    • “We knew very little. Now we feel like even if we don’t know, we know exactly where to get the help and info we’d need.”
  • “I liked that partners were included and provided info.”

Partners say:

    • “Very helpful and inclusive, I felt like I was being addressed as a full participant”
    • “Good to know I am one of the most important factors for her breastfeeding success. Defined specific roles were really helpful to hear!”
  • “The soothing methods were helpful.”




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