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The Birth of Weston Paul

By Dana Jarmon Weston feels like a miracle baby. In November of 2017 we lost a baby to a rare cervical ectopic pregnancy which resulted in a uterine artery embolization. Due to this embolization, I was told that it was quite possible I would lose my fertility and not be able to have any more children. Only time would tell, so we were surprised and over the moon when we got pregnant our first time trying in May of 2018. It was a beautiful pregnancy, free of complication, and we felt so grateful for the amazing care we received from all of the sweet midwives. I dealt with some anxiety after having a challenging birth with our first son, Beckham, and they helped me work through the ins and outs of a subsequent pregnancy after birth trauma and loss.  On Saturday, January 26th at 5:15 AM, I got up to use the restroom and had a contraction on the toilet. It was noticeably different than the Braxton Hicks contractions I had been having, and I was surprised when another one came just six minutes later! After a few more contractions, I decided to take a shower to see if they would continue before waking up my husband, Joseph. Sure enough, they continued to come every six minutes! By 10 AM, they were coming every 3 minutes, and my doula (and best friend) Morgan had come to join us. Although the contractions were close together, they weren’t intense enough to make me feel like it was time to head to the birth center yet. We ate together, I rested, bounced on our birth ball, stood and swayed while I held onto Joseph, and we laughed and chatted and wondered aloud what this baby’s birth would be like.  Then by 12:30 PM the contractions fizzled out. I found myself getting frustrated. Why were we going backwards?! If we are having a baby, let’s just have a baby! We went on a walk around our neighborhood, tried some Suki’s Labor and Delivery Blend, and had some time alone to make out with my man. None of these things helped labor to pick back up, so I called the birth center and talked with Emily to see what I should do. She told me to relax and enjoy our day and to stop trying to stimulate labor. She said that whatever happened throughout the day, … Read More

Mahri’s Birth

By Leeanna Brickhouse My early labor, active labor, and delivery were not easy. As this was my first pregnancy, I didn’t really know what to expect so I stayed as strong as I could for my son, my husband, and myself. My 37th week mark, I lost my plug. The few days after that, my Braxton Hicks contractions worsened, and the only way I could cope was to be in fetal position or pacing back and forth. My husband and I hadn’t slept in four days until finally, Wednesday night at 11:30 pm, my water broke. We packed our belongings and went to the center. My midwives were there ready to comfort me and prepare me for my son’s arrival. I was 4 centimeters dilated when I got there and in an immense amount of pain. My midwives then helped me out with some relief so I could sleep. By the time I woke up, I was 9 centimeters! He was definitely coming! My original plan was to have a natural water birth, but Baby Mahri had other plans. My son’s head wasn’t positioned correctly so my midwives did as much as they could until they couldn’t anymore. My son’s life meant more to me than the wishes I had, and my midwives reminded me of that because my mind was all over the place. After being at the center for 12 hours, we then went to UNC hospital where it took 3 hours for my son to come. An hour and a half of that was the pushing. Rebeca and my husband delivered my son at 2:18 pm on July 12th; he weighed 6 pounds and 4.5 ounces. After seeing my baby boy, nothing else mattered. Not the needles, the pain, the obnoxious nurses and doctors, none of that. My baby was born, and I was one happy mama. Thank you WBWC.❤

The Day Aminah Came

When we came to the center my mom technically was going through labor or was just having contractions. I would say I was a little nervous but positive that everything would be okay. My sister and I were playing with fortune tellers and playing games on our electronics. My mom was going through labor for a few hours then hopped in the tub because she thought she was having the baby. There was no baby yet. A couple of minutes later my dad ordered Jimmy John’s so that my mother could gather some energy to push. She took a few bites and then it was time. My mom got in the tub and started pushing.   I was nervous. She started moaning and roaring like a lion. After the third roar, I had to get out. My stomach was killing me so I stepped out for a minute. My younger sister stayed and cried a little as my mom was pushing our new baby sister out. I think she was nervous, excited, and scared all at the same time. While Mrs. Amanda, my mom’s friend, was making coffee, I came out of the room to take a break from all the action. I went back in then after the next two or three lion roars Aminah came. My mom held her and Aminah looked straight into her eyes. My younger sister Brooklyn was now crying happy tears. My mom got out of the tub and laid on the bed, while my dad took the baby. She finally got to eat and get some rest.   The End LOVE, Nona  

Sabrina Noelle’s Birth Story

By Samantha Harrison I decided I would stop working right before my due date, enjoy a few days of relaxing and anticipation and then somehow begin labor “on time”.  Meanwhile, lurking in my mind was the nagging dread of the suspected long, difficult car ride through traffic to the birth center while laboring.  As it turned out, neither of these ideas were true. I was convinced I would not have much time waiting at home, especially because Sabrina had “dropped,” and I was having regular Braxton-Hicks contractions.  I worked all the way up to three days before my due date of June 20th and had been enjoying the days prior to her due date relaxing and nesting at home with family.  It was a sweet, peaceful time. For days leading up to her due date, I was getting contractions that felt different than the Braxton-Hicks I’d experienced before, happening nightly around 10 PM.  I would have a few contractions and then they would fizzle away.  On Sabrina’s due date, I had a massage scheduled just in case I wasn’t in labor.  The time came and I was still pregnant, so I went to my massage appointment and felt great.  We spent the rest of the day buying a kiddie pool and floating around, not realizing that we still had eleven days yet to float. The next day we had our 40-week appointment. We talked about all the things I could do at home to get labor going. We scheduled our 41-week appointment just in case I still hadn’t had Sabrina, but I remained sure though that we would. Days kept passing and my patience began growing thin.  I was anxious and ready to meet my baby.  I’d been doing all the things to get things going including eating 6 dates a day (for the last 28 days), drinking lots of red raspberry leaf tea, eating spicy pineapple, taking evening primrose oil, walking, sex, yoga, squats, etc.  Nevertheless, at 41 weeks I was still pregnant. Our 41 week visit on June 27th included an ultrasound to make sure Sabrina had enough amniotic fluid, followed by a non-stress test.  Everything was well.  Sabrina declared she was perfectly content right where she was for now.  At 42 weeks, I would not be permitted to give birth at the birth center, so we discussed with our midwife how we would proceed getting into labor before … Read More

Birth Story of Hayes Walter

By Lindsay Osterhoudt This baby is my fifth baby and also my fifth time using Hypnobabies to prepare for my birthing time. My babies have come into the world on or before their guess dates, anywhere from 37 weeks onward. I was hoping this little baby would do the same because the waiting is always the hardest part for me, especially in those last few weeks. After my guess date came and went, I kept repeating to myself, “Babies are born on their birthdays, not when doctors decide!” I scheduled an encouraging birthing massage with a fellow Hypnobabies instructor for a week after my guess date. My midwives did not seem very concerned but scheduled a non-stress test and ultrasound just to check on things approximately ten days after my guess date. Luckily, we never made it to either of those appointments… All of my nesting had been completed for weeks. The baby clothes were washed and put away. The baby diapers were neatly organized by the changing table. Many freezer meals were stocked in the freezer. I had been listening to “Baby Come Out” and done several “Fear Clearings” but yet baby was not ready. At 9 p.m. on Thursday, July 19, I put my older two children to bed and then I got a chill. I just couldn’t get warm despite putting on more substantial pajamas, so I went outside in the warm July air. That helped, and the feeling passed, so I got ready for bed while my husband took a shower. About 9:40 p.m. shortly after my husband got into bed I felt a wave. I had been feeling Braxton Hicks for more than a month, but this one felt slightly different. I got up to use the bathroom because sometimes that would help and then I could go back to sleep.  I returned to the bed and about 10-15 minutes later, I felt another wave.  This is when I started to think this could be the start of my birthing time, or things could just settle back down. Another 10-15 minutes passed, and I had my third wave. It was now about 10:15 p.m. and I thought things might be starting so I immediately got my headphones on and started listening to “Easy First Stage.” I also had my husband call his mother, so she could go and get her own mother who wanted to be … Read More

Elinor Lane Young’s Birth Story

By Sybil Young Elinor is my fourth child and my third WBWC delivery: due 8/1/2017 and born 7/25/2017. This was an unplanned and unexpected pregnancy that was stressful simply because I was woefully unprepared to add another little to my trio. My third was only 18 months old when I learned I was expecting, and as a mom accustomed to a very comfortable 4 year gap between kids this terrified me and absolutely destroyed my husband’s nerves. Poor Mary Lucile (my third) just wasn’t ready to be ousted yet! I settled into our reality, and accepted that I would be embarking on another 42 week metamorphosis into a sleep deprived, cranky blimp. I just knew I would be carrying this little one well past my due date just like her brother and sisters. However, this little darling took pity on me. The morning of July 24th I just didn’t feel great. My Braxton Hicks had been intense for weeks, and I had developed a fabulous penguin waddle thanks to the cranium lodged in my pelvis. I timed my contractions and they were coming regularly every 7-10 minutes. I took a bath and expected my contractions to stop. They didn’t. So I drank a bucket of water. No stopping. Not to be convinced that my body could possibly be ready to eject my little passenger, I headed to work. All morning I was certain I was peeing on myself, convinced that the same little head causing my deep waddle was squashing my bladder into oblivion, rendering me incontinent. Oh sweet denial! After consulting with Belinda, at the urging of the nurse practitioner and physician I work with, it was decided that I was not losing my bladder function but in fact was leaking amniotic fluid like a slow draining bathtub. After being given the option to wait it out or come in for some “midwifey magic” I chose the latter, excited that I could for once arrive at the birth center before transition! I made the calls, distributed my kids to various places, and headed to Chapel Hill. I was so nervous as this was the first time I was going to be laboring for longer than an hour or two at the birth center; I had always come at the last moment with my other babies and was in transition by the time I waddled through doors. We arrived at … Read More

Clara Mae’s Birth Story

By Grace Middleton The week of my birth, I knew I would be holding my baby by the end of the week. My body was ready – hopefully my baby was too! On the Saturday I turned 39 weeks, I bought Suki’s blend from the Boutique and started taking it 2-3 times per day. My Braxton Hicks became much more frequent, and by Tuesday nesting kicked in big time – I cleaned for hours. I scrubbed toilets, was down on my hands and knees mopping the kitchen floor, vacuumed, and everything in between. My house was shining, though I don’t think the baby cared if it was clean or not. I watched Netflix while knitting a little yellow baby hat for our surprise gender baby. By Wednesday I was getting bored (and still having lots of Braxton Hicks) because this was my first week of maternity leave. I drove from Chapel Hill to Raleigh to get Vitamin K drops for the baby – I mean I had to have them and was starting to freak out because I didn’t. Those last couple weeks of pregnancy you go crazy! Wednesday evening, the Braxton Hicks felt a little different, but I was able to go to bed at midnight telling my husband all was good. Contractions woke me up throughout the night, but they weren’t too bad, and I was able to fall back asleep. I texted my mom in Ohio around 2:30 and told her things seemed to be picking up and for her to be ready to come to NC. Around 7:30, my contractions started feeling like bad period cramping and were much lower. Being inexperienced, I told Wyatt to go to work. I told him to come home after he was at work for less than an hour because I lost my mucous plug! I had him get groceries so I could eat something nutritious for energy. He complied, although I think he was a bit of wreck. I had some bloody show over the next hour or so and called the birth center. They told me to prepare for a day at home and call when things changed. I tried to relax and work through the contractions. My husband made a great lunch, which I ate in shifts, since the contractions were getting more intense and closer together. We took a short walk, and when we got back … Read More

Eli’s Birth Story

By Bruna Novais On Thursday, March 22nd at 00:40, I started to feel some mild cramps. After weeks of Braxton Hicks and light cramps, I knew that this time, something was different. I waited about two hours until my contractions got stronger to wake up my husband. We called the birth center and decided to go there to check the baby’s heart and how dilated I was. At that time, I was just 3 cm dilated and the baby was fine. We decided to go back home and wait for the show to begin. At around 4 AM, I puked for the first time and started to feel very strong cramps/contractions. The only place that felt comfortable for me to stay was sitting on the Pilates ball. Around the same time my husband decided to call my doula and tell her to come to my place. My doula/angel arrived around 5 AM and helped me with massages and with her calmness telling me that everything was going just fine. Every time I had a contraction, I remembered to vocalize and open my throat. I puked twice more before deciding to take a shower (that’s when I think my water broke) and go to the birth center. We arrived at the birth center around 8:30 AM, and I was 5 cm dilated. Shortly, I decided to go into the bathtub and check if the warm water would help with the pain. Sadly, the bathtub was not the most comfortable place during the contractions, as every time I tried to find a position, nothing worked. After a while, I felt like pooping and I told my doula that I needed to go to the toilet. At that point, I knew the show was about to start. What I felt and thought was like pooping desires, was really pushing. My body started to push and I could not control that. I told my doula what was happening and she called Lydia, the midwife. Lydia asked if I wanted to sit at the birth chair, where I stayed for some pushes. After that, Lydia asked if I wanted to try staying on all fours on the bed and I decided for that, and it was the most comfortable position so far, and after that I just remember pushing for a while and hearing my husband saying that he was seeing the baby’s head! The … Read More

Ellery’s Birth Story

By Ashley Bullock I was 41 weeks and 3 days… It was about 1 AM on Thursday, March 8th when I started to feel what I thought were real contractions. I woke my husband, Nick, to let him know, and he told me to try to get some sleep! If we learned anything in our birthing class, it was to get as much rest as you can before active labor, because you are about to run a marathon! Truer words have never been spoken, and more energy has never been needed. I tried to go back to sleep, but it was a tough night of tossing and turning. I woke up around 6 AM and called my angel doula, Aubrey, to give her a heads up on how I was feeling. As a first-time mom, I wasn’t sure what labor was supposed to feel like. I asked all my friends about the beginning of labor and honestly, everyone had a different experience. The answer I generally got was, “you’ll know when you start to go into labor”, and that’s true, I did finally know. My contractions felt like cramping in my lower abdomen and an intense hardening of my stomach like Braxton Hicks. I continued laboring and resting until about 5 pm and that’s when my sweet friend Alicia, who is both a doula and massage therapist, arrived. Alicia gave me a massage and applied counter pressure during contractions. I labored this way for about an hour and a half. Once Alicia left, things got more intense, and I had to find other coping mechanisms. I leaned over my birthing ball and began really focused breathing. My doula, Aubrey, helped me breath through one contraction at a time. She told me when each contraction was at its peak and almost over. She breathed and moaned through every single contraction with me. She helped me keep a rhythm, and that was key as I hit each new level of intensity. My coping mechanisms were deep breaths in and out with a loud deep moan on the breath out, rocking back and forth from the waist, or hunched over a birthing ball. As I focused on each contraction, not the one before or the one after, I was able to stay peaceful and unafraid. It was all Jesus. His peace reigned so strongly in my heart during my laboring hours. His grace overwhelmed … Read More

Birth Story

By Abby H.     Throughout my pregnancy, I was pretty sure that our baby was going to come late because most first babies do. I expected to be at work well past my February 19 due date. So when my water broke at 10 PM on February 5, I was confused to say the least. First, I hadn’t really considered the possibility of an early arrival. And second, I wasn’t sure that it was my water breaking (maybe I had just peed myself, like you do). It turned out that it was the real thing. Here’s how it happened: The morning of Friday, February 5, I got ready for work as usual. Before I left the house, I told my husband, Andrew, to take a picture of me. I can’t remember exactly why I did it, but I’m glad I did because it’s the last photo of me pregnant and not in labor. It was a pretty normal workday, and then I taught prenatal yoga at 4:30 that afternoon. During class I noticed that my back felt especially achy, but everything else felt normal. On the way home I stopped at Whole Foods to buy soup bones to make bone broth, which I wanted to have during labor/postpartum, but they didn’t have any. We spent a low-key evening at home watching The Good Wife and eating frozen pizza, until the aforementioned water breaking. I was in the kitchen taking my night time vitamins and then I started to walk into the bathroom when it happened. I went to the bathroom before saying anything to Andrew because I’d just had something like 40 ounces of water to drink, but once I got into the bathroom, I was pretty sure that it was my water and not pee. I told him that I thought my water had just broken and he said, “I guess I’d better stop drinking.” I also texted our doula to ask how I would know if my water had broken, and she told me to put on a pad and see what happened. She also asked if I was having contractions, and I could feel my belly tightening if I put my hand on it, but I couldn’t feel anything else. I followed her advice and the pad was soaked within a few minutes, which suggested that it was definitely my water and not pee. We got … Read More

Tara Jane’s Birth Story

By Allison Dembowski   The first Dembowski born in 26 years arrived September 8, 2016 at 3:09pm. She was 7 pounds, 9 ounces.   I woke up early the morning of September 7, at 38 weeks 1 day, with what I thought was a constant backache. When I fully woke up, I realized the pain was coming in waves, but I had been falling back asleep in between. I laid in bed for a while texting with my mom, Laura, about my symptoms. At the time, she was a nurse at the birth center, and training to become a midwife. (Now she is a midwife there!) She told me that what I was feeling was likely pre-labor pain and to drink water, take a hot shower, and keep an eye on it. I sat up to get ready for work, and on the edge of the bed, I felt my water break. A lot of fluid came out as I rushed to the bathroom. I sat down and let it flow, and when I wiped, I saw my bloody show. I couldn’t believe it! I never imagined my baby would come before her due date of September 20, let alone 2 weeks beforehand!   I texted my mom again and continued to try to get ready for work, but I kept gushing fluid. I woke up Frank and told him what was going on. He was as shocked as I was. We were definitely not ready. I’d had what (I realize in retrospect) was a nesting urge on that Monday, and had run several errands and cleaned the bathrooms. When Frank had come home from work that night at 9:30 to find me cleaning the bathroom—when I usually was either already in bed or getting ready to go—he said I seemed like I had more energy. I replied that it was panic!   I called the midwife at the birth center and explained what was going on. I asked her was this it, and should I go to work? (Not thinking straight) She said yes, and no! Our plan was to go to Durham to labor at my parents’ house with my mom, since we live two hours from the birth center. However, Frank had a presentation to do for class, so we spent a few minutes debating about if he should go do his presentation, or if we should … Read More

Milo’s Birth Story

by Jennifer Mohamed   This story has been a long time coming, as my little squish is now almost 16 months old. On Saturday, November 5th, I went into the hospital to work my second-to-last shift in the Special Care Nursery before officially going out on maternity leave.  I had my bottle of Suki’s Blend ready to start right after that weekend (right when I turned 39 weeks).  You see, I went over 41 weeks with my first kiddo, and I was going to try everything to prevent that from happening again! Of course, because I had a plan in place, the labor gods decided to remind me who is truly in charge.  I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions each night from 7 PM to 10 PM for the past week, so I was not all surprised when the painless tightening started.  It wasn’t an overly busy night; we had women in labor, but no births yet.  I was working with a nursing student, so it mostly involved a lot of teaching, which I love! It was inching towards midnight, and without even realizing it, I had started pacing around the unit.  One nurse joked that she thought I was in labor.  I laughed it off but texted my husband to go ahead and sterilize the umbilical ties just in case. I had just come back from a birth and was sitting down to document when I felt that warm, watery release.  I stood up from my chair as my waters flowed down my scrubs, into my shoes and onto the floor.  My first thought was, “Well, at least my fluid is clear.” It took me a few minutes to gather myself, put on some mesh panties, change into dry scrubs, and finish documenting, of course. I was so grateful to all the wonderful nurses who were working with me that night as they fetched me all the things to get cleaned up and even packed my bag for me to leave work.  I called my husband as I was walking to my car, and then I called the birth center while I drove home. Emily was on, and I remember telling her my contractions aren’t super close or that painful so I am going to go home, shower, arrange childcare and maybe get some sleep. I went home and did just that, except when I laid down and … Read More

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