The midwifery model of care supports women from adolescence to the senior years. We welcome you to consider WBWC your medical home for all your healthcare needs.



It is recommended that teenage girls have their first gynecologic visit between the ages of 13 and 15. This is a time of many physical and emotional changes that welcomes questions and sometimes health concerns about one’s developing body. While a pelvic exam is usually not necessary before the age of 21, early care can allow us to guide and help young women navigate their changing bodies. WBWC believes that an early gynecologic visit should be a positive experience. Our Nurse Practitioners and Certified Nurse-Midwives approach this relationship in a sensitive, considerate, and age-appropriate manner.

Teens may often simply want confirmation of what is normal and what to expect as their body matures. They may need help understanding their feelings and have questions about healthy lifestyle and choices. An informed and knowledgeable entry into the teen years provides the healthiest transition to adulthood. We value providing a space that can be a safe and trusted healthcare home during this growth. The staff at WBWC provides gynecologic education, counseling, and screening for adolescents while promoting the awareness needed to confront the challenges of young women in their age group.

Primary Care

At Womenʼs Birth and Wellness Center, we value your entire health story and are proud to offer basic primary care services and preventative health screening to women. Our Nurse Practitioners offer appointments for both urgent health concerns and ongoing health care management beyond your obstetric and gynecological needs. We understand that women often have fragmented care and are less likely to visit multiple providers for their health care needs. We believe it is a better model to provide a consistent space where women can obtain comprehensive primary health care. We are able to treat acute infections and manage more long-term health concerns while continuing to offer your preventive healthcare and relevant screenings.

Menopause and Beyond

The practitioners of Women’s Birth and Wellness Center care for women in all stages of life, including perimenopause and beyond. You need the same thoughtful guidance and care that you received during childbearing as you move through the next stage of life.

This natural transition from the reproductive years to the end of monthly cycles often begins in the forties and ends in the early fifties, but may start earlier or continue until the sixties. While perimenopause is a normal change of life as the functioning of the ovaries decreases, every woman is affected differently. Up to 20% of women may have significant discomforts that require support and/or medical treatment. At WBWC, you will be educated about these changes and cared for with respect, helping you find the path that works for you, whether it’s nutrition changes, herbal or homeopathic remedies, or hormone therapy.

After no cycles for one year, estrogen and progesterone, the reproductive hormones which are no longer needed for childbearing, have declined to low, steady levels. Most women will spend the final third of their life in postmenopause. WBWC will continue to help you through these years with attention to physical, mental, personal, interpersonal, and cultural issues.