Birth centers are designed for healthy, low-risk mothers and healthy babies. We create a very relaxed atmosphere in the birth center – making it feel more like home rather than a hospital. You have more privacy and support at the birth center. We limit the number of women who deliver monthly to give high-quality care. Mothers know the staff at the birth center because it’s the place where they have come for all their prenatal care. They feel comfortable in the birth rooms since they have looked at them and shown them to family and friends.

Through the educational program that goes on throughout the pregnancy, parents learn what to expect once the mother goes into labor. We provide an atmosphere where a mother can feel confident and comfortable so that she will use her body well. A mother is encouraged to wear her own clothes, eat, drink and move freely in labor as well as choose her support people. The mother can labor in any position that is comfortable for her.

The Birth Center is affiliated with UNC Family Medicine and UNC Women’s Hospital. If a transfer is necessary, the midwife accompanies the family to the hospital where she will continue to provide seamless care. WBWC is located only minutes from UNC Hospital; if mother or baby develops a problem, a higher level of care is assured. On average about 14% of women in labor need hospital transfer with the vast majority being non-emergent. Only about 2% of women go to the hospital as emergency transports. Whether you give birth in one of our birthing rooms or need to use UNC Hospital services, WBWC will follow you and your baby during the postpartum period.

We are a World Health Organization (WHO) designated “Baby Friendly” facility and work diligently to promote breastfeeding. Because we know that a baby is alert and will nurse in the first hour after birth, breastfeeding is encouraged immediately. In this way, breastfeeding and the education and support of the mother in the breastfeeding process is established early on. Our breastfeeding rate at discharge is 99% and our six-month breastfeeding rate is 85%.