Women’s Birth & Wellness Center provides full lab service in our office. We have experienced phlebotomists who make you feel comfortable and make blood draws quick and painless as possible.


We partner with Lab Corp for processing and billing lab work.

    • Get your lab test results easily with the LabCorp Beacon® patient portal system. LabCorp Beacon lets you view, download, and print you lab results anytime, anywhere!
    • Receive lab test results as easily as checking e-mail.
    • Share your lab test results securely and privately.
    • Pay your LabCorp bill online easily and securely.
    • Manage health information for the entire family.

You can click here: or read below to learn how to register to get your lab results.

Getting Started:

    1. Type https://patient.labcorp.com into your Internet browser. Make sure you enter https:// in the URL. (You may also want to bookmark this site in your favorites.)
    2. Click Sign up. It’s free! On the LabCorp Beacon: Patient home page.
    3. Create a new account by entering the requested information and click Next. Note: If you have an existing Microsoft® HealthVault™ account, you do not need to register on this page and can click Sign in now.
    4. For secure delivery and storage of your information, LabCorp Beacon: Patient connects with Microsoft® HealthVault™. Click Next to proceed with the registration process.
    5. Select how you want to sign in. You will see the options for Widows Live ID, Facebook, and OpenID. If you have one of these accounts, you may use your credentials to sign in to HealthVault. If you use Hotmail, Xbox Live, or Messenger, you have a Windows Live ID account and can enter your email/password to sign in to HealthVault.
      If you do not have an account with one of the listed services, click on the New account button.
    6. Create a password for your new account. Note: Your information is pre-populated in this screen from the Sign-up form. This e-mail and password will become a Windows Live ID that you will use to sign in the HealthVault.
      Enter the characters you see at the bottom of the screen. You can request new characters if needed. When done, click I Accept. Follow the instructions on the next pages to complete your registration process.