Thank You Notes

Thank You

The Women’s Birth & Wellness Center would not exist if not for the help and support of our community. We’d especially like to thank the following donors, volunteers and businesses:

Katie Benedetto Jones of Yellow Rubber Ball for assisting us in our web site redesign

Kallyn Boerner of Heart in Hands for much of the photography that appears on our web site


Erin Anderson
M. Agresto
Armonia Health
Misha Becker
Lydia Binanay
Better Birth
Maria Bruno
Kristi Bubeck
J. Buehler
Nichole Bullock
J. Campbell
Kerry Carlson
M. Carver
Elizabeth Clapham
Elizabeth Clark
Rebecca Clayton
Siobhan Colgan
Dr. Deidre Collette
Sarah Coonley
Cara Crisler
P. Crowly
M. Darcey
Anna Dahlstein
Tania Desrosiers
Allison Donnelly
Jonna Eagle
Stefanie Evans
M. Este
C. Fleet
Miranda Fleming
Fox Mountain
Kimberly Fraser
Jean Genova
Sangeeta Godbole
J. Goulet
Laura Goulian
E. Haddix
Kaaren Haldeman
Leigh Hall
Megan Hall
K. Hamden
T. Hamm
Nena Harris
Hanna Hill
Sigrid Hillerbrand
H. Holland
N. Honea
M. Hsu
Scottie Hunsberger
Heather James
Rachael Klayman
E. Kuppinger
Kerri Kurgat
La Leche League
Edith Lavender
Bari Lawhorn
M. Leiberman
Brandylyn Lemen
Heather Luden
Lori Mar
A. Marks
E. Martin
Claire McKiernan
R. Medlin
Carolin Morlock
M. Moseley
Jamie Murray
E. Namey
Sage Navarra
Natasha Nazareth-Phelps
April Nicholson
Meredith Nicholson
S. Nelley
Kristin Oguntoyinbo
Lindsay Osterhoudt
Alicja Pasek-Smith
Raelee Peirce
A. Phelps
D. Randegger
Lorraine Reilly
M. Rider
Katherine Rowe
N. Sadler
Jennifer Salamon
Virginia Sall

Marita Schlesser
Lindsay Shore-Wright
Sara Skinner
Snider Family Foundation
S. Stark
A. Stein
E. Stewart
Rachel Sulin
Christine Sykes-Albert
Ruth Ann Taylor
Nicole Thompson
Leslie Titchner
Megan Toben
Ellen Turco
D. Ventura
S. Vermillion
Rebecca Vidra
Staton Wade
Dee Wagner
Senetra Wallace
S. Walters
Carly Wanke
Silver Weville
J. White
Christine Wilkins
H. Yurko

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  • Deborah Aiton - Dorothy B. Sullivan Fund
  • Becky Bagley - Dorothy B. Sullivan Fund
  • Kate Bauer - Dorothy B. Sullivan Fund
  • Brianna Bennett -
  • Jennifer Blakeslee - Dorothy B. Sullivan Fund
  • Durham Boerner - In honor of my sister – Lisa Silver. She has transformed her life, kicked cancer and inspired us all along the way!!!
  • Abby Cannon - This donation is in honor of Jessica Albrect for all her support in bringing Emerson into the world, and then home from the NICU.
  • Karlana Carpen - Svea Oster Fund
  • Karlana Carpen - Svea Oster Fund
  • Danielle Chu - Dorothy B. Sullivan Fund
  • Sydney Cowart - Svea Oster Fund
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