Love Notes From Our Families

I am so grateful I was able to have my son here. He was born on the 42nd week to the day we barely made it! lol My labor was 34 hours and I got to experience it with 3 shifts of amazing women and will forever hold a beautiful place in my heart. I transferred prenatal care at 34 weeks from the health department and it was such a wonderful warm compassionate contrast. I would love to have another experience with these amazing women. Much gratitude and lots of love xoxox -Amanda and Jordan


I wanted an unmedicated, out-of-hospital birth but, being pessimistic by nature, I don’t know that I ever really believed I could do it, or that things would work out as I hoped. The care at WBWC made me believe and see my reality that surrounded by the right supportive community I could live into the hope I had. This experience was amazing, beautiful, transforming me not just into a mother but into someone more full of gratitude an hope.


I can’t say enough great things about the Women’s Birth and Wellness Center. Everyone is so kind, respectful and knowledgeable. I specifically want to highlight one midwife, Jessica. After my baby was born I was having trouble with breastfeeding and I was feeling really discouraged. I called and spoke with the midwife on call who happened to be Jessica. She was so kind and reassuring. The real outstanding care came the next day when Jessica called me to check up on me and how I was feeling. The midwifes are only on call for 12 hours so I know she didn’t have to call me. That meant the world to me. I had so much support during pregnancy but that didn’t end after I delivered. Now that I have experienced the midwifery model of care I don’t think I could ever go back to an OB/GYN.


Jessica is an outstanding midwife! She made me feel heard; such an uncommon feeling in the medical world – at least in my experience. I felt like she gave voice to my concerns, truly advocated for my best interest, went above and beyond contacting my outside doctors, and made me feel like I really mattered as an individual. I’ve had some experiences in my life that make me not so trusting of people, but I always have felt grounded and safe with her. I’m truly thankful that she brought my son into the world. If I have another child, I truly hope that I’m fortunate to be in her care again.


I came to this facility with a difficult pregnancy emotionally and physically. The entire staff gave me all the care, support, and love I needed. They saved my life and my baby’s life. And almost 10 years later I still use them for well women care!


Such a great group of women. They are great at what they do and I wouldn’t want to have my babies anywhere else. I’ve gone here for 3 out of 4 of my births…wish I would have gone here for my first pregnancy as well. They gave us the support that we needed, but the privacy we desired as well. Great experiences each time I delivered my babies. 🙂

They are even great AFTER you have babies and need “regular” care. The nurse called me and followed up with me when I had a concern although I haven’t been in the office in 2 years! She even called several days later to make sure I was okay! That’s great care that you CAN’T just find anywhere!

Marquita Luciano

I am so thankful for the women here. They were all kind, gentle, informative, and trusting–all of the things I was looking for in my parental care/labor and delivery experience. I love how they have a great partnership with UNC for emergency situations and are able to stay in their care if a transfer is needed.

Chelsea Harmon

I want to emphasize how wonderful an experience I had with Jessica and Emily. I felt like giving up by the end, and they encouraged and supported me continually, especially as my courage and energy were waning. Giving birth naturally was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I didn’t think I could do it at the end. Jessica and Emily gave me confidence and genuine care to help me through the process. I know that choosing natural, unmedicated child birth in a calm, quiet, homelike setting like WBWC was the best decision for my baby, and for myself and my husband, but I also knew that it was far more challenging than I anticipated, and that without the help and support of Jessica and Emily, I would have had a much harder time. Jessica was also wonderful with postpartum care, especially as I had a little trouble with feelings of depression for a few weeks. She made me feel cared for and made me feel like I mattered, and I’ve struggled with some of these feelings my entire life. With Jessica’s help, and my husband’s incredible support and love, my feelings of depression cleared up and now I’m just overjoyed to be a mom! 🙂


I just wanted to reach out and say a big Thank you to Wendy and all the staff that make the center such a warm and welcoming place. I live in Raleigh so there are lots of place I could go that are closer, but it’s worth the commute to go to such an amazing place. Thank you for your care that goes above and beyond!


Wendy is wonderful – patient, compassionate and so knowledgeable. I always feel in such good hands with her. WBWC sees me has a whole person, not just a diagnosis!


Wendy is a STAR! I felt heard and healed. I feel like she is an ally in my health. She spent a lot of time with me. I did not feel rushed.

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