Newborn Care

Newborn Care at WBWC


Certified Nurse Midwives are educated and licensed to provide newborn care to healthy newborns for the first 28 days (four weeks) of life. We feel that caring for the mother and baby together in the first four weeks is a model which facilitates successful breastfeeding and provides parents access to additional support and guidance as they care for their newborn.

Newborn Exam

Your midwife will do a full newborn exam prior to your discharge from the Birth Center. You will be informed about any recommended procedures for your baby. As you complete your postpartum stay at WBWC, you will learn about breastfeeding and newborn care from your midwife and nurse.

Home Visit

At the home visit which can happen between 1-3 postpartum days, the baby will be assessed along with you. A WBWC nurse will weigh baby, assist you with breastfeeding and talk with you about recommended tests, including the newborn metabolic screen. A midwife and nurse is a phone call away for any further questions and concerns.

Postpartum Appointments

At 2 weeks postpartum, the baby will come with you to the clinic for an hour-long appointment with one of the midwives. We examine and measure the baby’s growth and development and do a newborn hearing screen.

When your baby is 4 weeks old, care will transfer to the newborn provider of your choice. We encourage you to find a pediatrician or family practice provider who will support and honor your choices as a parent.

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