Prenatal Care at WBWC

Midwives are experts in the care of normal pregnancy and birth. We believe that childbearing is normal, natural and sacred.

At Women’s Birth & Wellness Center, we want you to confidently approach your pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond with knowledge of options and alternatives that can support you on your journey. We will help you prepare for pregnancy, unmedicated labor and birth, breastfeeding and motherhood with education, resources and time.

Your preferences and needs are considered – active participation in care and decision-making is encouraged. We know that pregnancy is a time of great potential to make meaningful lifestyle changes. We offer numerous educational opportunities, provide assistance and support during labor, birth and postpartum, appropriately utilize technology when needed, and guide and support our patients who require referral to a higher level of medical care.

Prenatal care at WBWC includes:

  • One-hour initial appointment including detailed history and full physical
  • Half-hour prenatal visits with education
  • Optional community group prenatal care
  • Access to 24-hour midwifery care and phone consultation
  • Labor, birth and postpartum care in one of our comfortable birth suites with CNM and RN birth assistant
  • Freedom to labor in position of comfort with your choice of companions
  • Use of tub during labor and water birth
  • No routine episiotomies, IVs, continuous fetal monitoring, or separation of mother and baby
  • Postpartum home visit by an RN
  • Integrated postpartum care of mom, baby, and breastfeeding from the WBWC team
  • 2-week and 6-week postpartum checkups at WBWC with CNM
  • Lactation counseling visits with WBWC’s International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC)

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