For many moms, breastfeeding is easy and joyful, but from our patients we often hear, “I didn’t realize breastfeeding could be this hard” and “How does anyone do it without help?” There is nothing strange about needing help to breastfeed! For generations, mothers, sisters, aunts, and friends have provided this knowledge and support. Now they may be far away or have little personal experience with breastfeeding. Our goal is to offer new moms in our area a breastfeeding community where they can find the knowledge and experience past generations had such easy access to.

Our lactation services, groups, and classes are open to all community members, meaning you don’t have to be a WBWC patient. Our experienced lactation consultants work with moms and babies born at WBWC, as well as hospitals and home births from the Triangle region and beyond. To learn more about our philosophy and how we provide care, visit the About Us page.

We offer individual consultations, breastfeeding support groups, and classes. Contact the birth center to make an appointment or reserve a spot. Not sure where to start? See our Navigator below.


Navigator – Help match your situation to the right service

I am pregnant and would like to learn how to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

Check out our classes, and think about visiting the La Leche Group listed on our support groups page to connect with other moms.

I am pregnant and have concerns about specific breastfeeding challenges I may encounter (for example, past breast-reduction surgery).

Call us for an individual prenatal lactation appointment where we can discuss your concerns, provide education and resources, and set up a “game plan” to get you started breastfeeding with confidence and support.

I have had my baby and breastfeeding is going pretty well, but I have some questions and would like to meet other new moms.

Come to our Breastfeeding Cafe or La Leche League meetings to make new friends, get support and advice, and get basic questions answered.

My baby and I are struggling with latch, weight gain, or have other challenges that need individual support.

We would love to see you in our one-on-one lactation consultations, where we can focus on your needs and helping you and your baby feed comfortably and happily.

I am returning to work and have questions about pumping, storing milk, and bottle feeding.

We offer a class just for you!

I am in need of a breast pump or feeding scale, nursing bras or clothes, or other breastfeeding supplies.

The Boutique, and other community resources and retail stores, offer nursing bras and clothing, pump and scale rentals as well as sales, and a wealth of other breastfeeding supplies.

Still not sure where to go? Give us a call and we will help you figure it out.