Breastfeeding is natural, but it doesn’t always come naturally. Some mothers and babies work at it much harder than others. Skilled and experienced support and care can make a huge difference if you are feeling discouraged or frustrated with breastfeeding. Our goal is a peaceful, enjoyable breastfeeding relationship that meets your family’s needs.

We can provide support and guidance for almost any breastfeeding concern, including latch difficulties, pain with feeding/pumping, and concerns for baby’s weight/mom’s milk supply. We are experienced with helping moms of multiples, premature infants, and adoptive mothers who plan to induce lactation. If necessary, we provide referrals to a wide range of specialists.

What happens during a lactation consult?

An International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) will:

  • Review your baby’s feeding and weight history
  • Weigh your baby
  • Review your medical history and past breastfeeding experiences
  • Examine your breasts and nipples
  • Assess your baby’s suck and any issues that might be affecting latch/feeding
  • Assist with a feeding, and use a special scale (if needed) to determine how much your baby takes in at the breast
  • Teach you the skills you need to continue working on feeding at home

A lactation consult is a conversation. We want to listen to the experiences you have had, answer your questions, and work with you to create a plan of care. We welcome you, your partner, and your support people to your visit.  You and the LC will develop a care plan and a follow-up plan. You will get a written plan to take home. We can follow up with additional office visits if needed, or by phone or email.

Individual lactation consultations typically last 60-90 minutes. We will send a detailed letter to your baby’s doctor discussing the visit, plan, and any follow-up needed. Our goal is to work as a team to provide you with complete care.

What happens at a prenatal lactation consult?

Some moms contact us while they are still pregnant with specific concerns about breastfeeding. If you have a history of breast surgery, had difficulties with breastfeeding a previous baby, or know you or your baby may have challenges that impact feeding, a prenatal consult can set you up to start breastfeeding with confidence and an excellent support system.

You will have time to discuss your concerns with the IBCLC, review any medical or breastfeeding history, and develop a “game plan” for getting breastfeeding off to the best start possible. A midwife or nurse practitioner will also be part of the visit. Prenatal lactation consults typically last 30-45 minutes.

What is the fee for lactation care?

We are very pleased to be able to offer lactation visits billable through insurance to make care more accessible for our patients. Your visit is billed through WBWC, which accepts all major insurances and Medicaid. Your co-pay will vary depending on your individual insurance policy. We offer a discount for self-pay patients. Please contact us before your visit if you have questions about fees.