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New Arrivals

*Ever Bloom Lubenow – 9 lbs., 14 oz. – October 1
*Westley Francis Meints – October 7
*Daisy Anne Austin – 6 lbs., 13 oz. – November 3
Killian Annabeth Whitley – 7 lbs., 14 oz. – November 4
Samuel David Cudd – 8 lbs., 2 oz. – November 5
Aven Bauer Fitzsimons – 7 lbs., 10 oz. – November 5
Cosima Sophie Wynne Everett – 7 lbs., 13 oz. – November 6
Soren Donovan Landfried – 9 lbs., 2 oz. – November 8
Cotton Hatch Carter – November 9
Marin Emily McLaughlin – 8 lbs., 1 oz. – November 9
Isaiah Leon Urrutia – 7 lbs., 2 oz. – November 9
Audrey Elizabeth Otero – 7 lbs., 5 oz. – November 10
Ocean Tinotenda Anderson – 9 lbs., 3 oz. – November 12
Arilynn Jayde Jones – 11 lbs., 4 oz. – November 12
Sonali Noelle Anand Paleja – 6 lbs., 6 oz. – November 12
Ali Khalifa Mohamed – 8 lbs., 15 oz. – November 13
Trey Herbert Hancock – 9 lbs., 13 oz. – November 17
Benjamin Wyatt Hancock – 7 lbs. – November 20
Jasper Isaiah Reisdorff – 6 lbs., 12 oz. – November 20
Abigail Glory Plating – 9 lbs., 7 oz. – November 23
Tyson Hevshel Mottershead – 8 lbs., 5 oz. – November 23
Clara Luz Jacobs DeSouza – 7 lbs., 2 oz. – November 25
Lily Victoria Siu – 8 lbs., 15 oz. – November 27
Alexander Henry Grossman – 6 lbs., 13 oz. – November 28
Judah Holm – 9 lbs., 11 oz. – November 30
Katelyn Elizabeth Williams – 8 lbs., 1 oz. – November 30

Welcome to the world, Little Ones!

    If you’d like your baby’s birth announced in the next newsletter, send an email to with baby’s name, weight, and date of birth. Feel free to include a photo. We’d like to hear from all WBWC moms, whether your baby was born at the birth center or UNC!

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The Birth of Oliver William Swanson

by Missy Swanson

 I was hopeful when I found out I was pregnant with my third baby.  I thought, “Maybe this will be the one!”  I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy and have a calm, beautiful birth. I’ve always dreamed of being one of those graceful, “magical-life-is-growing-within-me” type of pregnant ladies.  As a birth center nurse, I see inspiring, beautiful laboring women all the time, but so far, that hasn’t been in the cards for me.  My first two pregnancies and births were pretty straightforward, but 42 weeks of pregnancy with each child reduced me to a miserable, whiny lump.  With my third pregnancy, in addition to the normal pregnancy complaints, I developed gestational diabetes and placenta previa, and my baby preferred to hang out sideways in my uterus.  Since I had two complications that made vaginal birth impossible, I was sure I’d end up with a c-section. And if I didn’t need a c-section, I was concerned about getting the baby delivered by 41 weeks, which is the recommendation for moms with gestational diabetes.  So picture a worried, exhausted, night-shift-working, pregnant mom with two preschoolers.  Then take away her donut.  Graceful?  No. I was just trying to get by. 

Everyone reassured me the placenta previa would probably resolve by 28 weeks, but at 32 weeks, my placenta was still too close to my cervix.  Finally, an ultrasound at 38 weeks showed I was good to go for a birth center birth.  I still had a sideways baby, but one who was now occasionally trying out a head-down position.  By 40 weeks, the baby was head-down most of the time.

I decided that I would wait until 41 weeks and 2 days before having  an induction.   I made a plan with the midwives to do a castor oil/herbs/acupuncture induction at the birth center.  If that didn’t work, we’d go to UNC in the evening.  As I approached 41 weeks, we were doing all sorts of things to try to get labor going – acupuncture, membrane sweeps, spicy food. I was having some mild contractions, but nothing too serious.  A bumpy hayride on a field trip with my kids’ preschool the day before my induction seemed to do the trick:  shortly afterwards, I noticed a little bit of fluid leaking.  We had an appointment at the birth center that afternoon.  During the car ride, I was pretty sure my water had broken.  Since there was no dramatic gush, I wasn’t certain. When we got there, Kate confirmed that I was leaking amniotic fluid – I was actually going to have a baby! My husband Andy and I decided to take the kids out to eat, drop them off with my parents, and wait for labor to start. 

After dinner, my contractions had really spaced out, so we went back home.  We’d stick with our original plan of castor oil in the morning if I didn’t go into labor before then.  At home, I relaxed in the tub for a bit.  After a while, I started having some stronger contractions and decided to get into the shower.  I couldn’t have timed it better. In the shower, I had one massive contraction, and suddenly felt a lot of pressure.  I had a brief moment of panic – was I feeling pushy? – but then the pressure was suddenly relieved as my water broke with a gigantic sploooooooosh.   It was a huge flood, like in the movies.  Then my contractions stopped all together. Once I was sure I wasn’t going to be giving birth in the shower, I was grateful my water broke there and not in the living room.  I did not feel like mopping that mess up.

We went to bed but didn’t rest too well. The next morning, we got out of bed around 5:00 and were ready to get things going. Andy did his best to mask the castor oil in a chocolate shake, but I am still gagging just thinking about it.  We laid down to rest until about 6:30, until I started to feel some results from the shake.  I got into the shower around 7:00 and started having contractions about every 2 minutes.  They were short but intense.  Around 7:30, I decided it was probably time to head in, since we live over an hour away. 

I was very glad that my wonderful friend Sarah (who caught my son Elliot and was there for most of my labor with my daughter Violet) was on call.  I called her and let her know what was going on.  Once we got in the car, though, the contractions spaced out and then stopped. I was starting to think I was never actually going to go into labor.  I called my sister, Becky, who was planning on coming for the birth, and told her it might still be a while.  She decided to head in anyway (she was coming from Winston-Salem), but I told her to be prepared for a long day.  Since I wasn’t contracting anymore, we made time to stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way as an incentive for the baby. “Please get born, little one!” I begged. “Mommy can have donuts again when you’re born!”

We arrived at the birth center a little before 9:00.   I sadly informed Sarah and Helen, the nurse, that I was no longer in labor and would probably be pregnant forever.  We made a plan – Sarah would check my cervix, bind up my belly, start some herbs, and I’d keep my acupuncture appointment.  Hopefully that would get me into labor.

I was only about 4 cm dilated and the baby was still not engaged in my pelvis, but Sarah was able to stretch my cervix to 6 cm.  She bound my belly and gave me a dose of blue and black cohosh, and Andy and I went to walk around the parking lot around 9:30.  Almost immediately, I started having contractions again.  They quickly became intense and close together, but were only lasting about 30 seconds.  I told Andy, “These are too short to be real labor contractions,” and figured I would be in for a long day if I was finding this difficult.  The contractions seemed way more painful than my first two labors.  With each contraction, I would lean on Andy, and he would make a low humming noise that was really soothing to me.  Becky arrived while we were walking around the parking lot.  She walked with us and kept me laughing between contractions. 

Around 10:00, we headed back inside to check heart tones again.  I was starting to feel a little bit of pressure at the peak of my contractions, and they were definitely getting stronger.  I knew I couldn’t handle lying down for acupuncture, so we cancelled my appointment.  We  came back to the peach room and put on some music.  Now the contractions were really painful, and I was feeling a lot more pressure.  Becky went to get Sarah to come and check me again. Now I was 8 cm, but the baby was still really high.    The humming wasn’t doing it for me anymore.  I was over it; it was time to get this baby OUT.  A few minutes later, I was feeling an urge to push.  I still had a little cervix left, but with Sarah’s help was able to push through it. I was screaming like crazy and reminding everyone between contractions that “this hurts, by the way!” and wondering if maybe could I have that C-section now, please. 

I was determined to get this child out as quickly as possible.  I grabbed behind my legs, curled my chin to my chest, and tried to mentally coach myself to do everything we tell people to do when a baby needs to get born fast.  I kept asking Sarah what was happening, with the hopes that her answer would be, ”The baby is being born right this second!”  She calmly guided and encouraged me, and reassured me that the baby was moving down, and no, it wasn’t taking forever. “You’ve gone from 8 and -2 station to complete and +2 in about 10 minutes!” she told me at one point.  She may have been lying to keep me from demanding a hospital transfer, but it kept me going for a little longer.

After about a million years, Sarah told me, “Only one or two more contractions and this baby will be born!” I was grateful, because I didn’t think I could handle much more than that.  Sure enough, I soon felt that unique pain that could only be crowning, and heard myself screaming that very special crowning scream.  And then I reached down and pulled Oliver William to my chest.  It was 10:37 am.   He was born head-first, weighed 8 lbs., 1 oz., and was absolutely perfect in every way.  So maybe the beautiful, calm birth thing didn’t work out for me either, but that sweet little boy was worth it.

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Spotlight: Kristin Resnik

Please join us in welcoming our new labor/postpartum nurse, Kristin Resnik to the WBWC staff! Kristin may be visiting you at your home visit!

Kristin was born and raised in Hingham, Massachusetts, a town 20 miles south of Boston on the water. During her childhood, she also had three one-year breaks living in California and Oregon.

Kristin is married to Dmitri and they have a 3-year-old son named Samuel and a little beagle named “Nose”. (The beagle’s name had been “Sam” but he was renamed after their son was born!) Kristin loves traveling, exploring new places and enjoying the outdoors through boating, snorkelling, biking, hiking and gardening. She met her husband while studying glass blowing, and also enjoys other art forms. She practices yoga, loves to read, and is working on improving her cooking skills.

Kristin graduated from UNC-CH School of Nursing in 2005 and worked on a Women’s Gynecology/Oncology floor at UNC and Labor and Delivery at UNC. She has a B.A. in Religious Studies/Studio Art from Scripps College in California.

What does she like about the WBWC?

“I love the amount of time I can spend supporting, teaching, and caring for women and their families. I have been truly inspired by the strength and grace of the women whom I have helped become mamas at the WBWC.I recently became an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), and I would love to utilize and refine these skills — and learn from the LCs at the WBWC!”

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News from the WBWC Board

By Kaaren Haldeman

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the WBWC board! We met on December 3 to round out a year of hard work that included assembling a talented group of members to tackle some very complex and important issues. Rather than a laundry list of items that have been accomplished (you can look back to newsletters of board meetings past), the board would simply like you to know that we, together with Maureen and Brianna, have worked diligently to improve the health of our organization now and prepare for our next steps in the coming year. It has been a pleasure to serve a medical home that inspires women to take an active and equal part in their health care, including pregnancy and birth, and it is our greatest hope that this choice will exist here at WBWC for many years to come. Thank you to each staff member who helps make us who we are and provides the kind of care we so passionately defend. Our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones; may the warmth of the season bring you great joy. See you in the New Year! 

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Recipes: Kid and Mama friendly hors d’oeuvres

by Claire C. McKiernan

Whether you are entertaining or want to bring something along on your holiday visit, here are three easy, healthy appetizers that kids will enjoy making and eating.

          Stuffed Dates
Pitted whole dates
Cheddar cheese cubes or walnut halves
Kids can break shelled walnuts in half and place one in each date, or cut up cheddar cheese cubes to stuff into dates. (If you buy the cheese already in cubes, they still need to be cut in half.)

Celery Boats (healthier version of ants on a log)
4-6 Celery stalks (cut in halves or thirds)
2 small mashed Bananas, or one large
6 Tblspns Peanut Butter
Nuts, seeds, and/or raisins (such as slivered almonds, walnut pieces, sunflower seeds, etc.)
Mix bananas and peanut butter, spread into celery “boat” and press nuts, seeds, and/or raisins gently on top so they stick.

Fruit Dip
4 oz. regular or reduced-fat cream cheese (half package)
1.5 – 2 cups Greek yogurt (plain or vanilla, 0% fat)
1 tsp lemon zest
1/8 – 1/4 cup honey (according to taste)
Mix and serve with chunks of fresh apples, melons, grapes, firm pears, and/or pineapple. For a different flavor, substitute ½ tsp. cinnamon for the lemon zest. 

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Thimerosal-Free Flu Shots Available!

Thimerosal-Free flu shots are available at Women’s Birth & Wellness Center for patients.  During pregnancy you want to minimize the amount of foreign agents (especially mercury) in your body.

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Help the WBWC with Goodshop To-Go

Women’s Birth & Wellness Center receives funds when you search or buy items through Good Search and/or Good Shop.  Please consider setting Good Search as your computer home page or download the browser add on.  All you have to do is type Women’s Birth and Wellness Center in the box when it asks.  We get donations when you make a purchase through Amazon, Vistaprint, Staples, Target, Quill, Orbitz, Land’s End, etc.  You can also find coupons on the site.  Below is a list of some of the most popular retailers and a link to add the Goodsearch Browser.  Thanks for helping support Women’s Birth & Wellness Center as you search and shop!

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Massage and Acupuncture Gift Certificates Available!

Pick up gift certificates
at the boutique or call:
 Nicole (massage) 919-699-0980 or Kim (acupuncture) 919-971-3934

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Boutique News

January 1st and 2nd — Closed for inventory
Come in and see what’s on sale in January!

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Free Workshop: Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby

What: Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby Workshop

Where: WBWC

When: January 15, 2013 at 6 pm

Who: Leah Gibbons

         Want to feel great during pregnancy and have the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible? Join Leah Gibbons, MS, CHHC, for this FREE workshop. Learn what the best food and lifestyle choices are for you during this important time in your life and your baby’s life as well as how to implement them. Please RSVP to Leah at or 919-869-7424. 

          Hello! I am Leah Gibbons, MS, Certified Holistic Health Coach. I am excited to be connected to the Women’s Birth and Wellness Center and to be able to help support you in being as healthy as possible and having the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible! I recently moved here with my family—my husband, Brandon; my three daughters, Anlon (6), Nylah (3) and Riell (2); and our dog, Haley. All three of my children were born with a midwife. All of my pregnancies and births were amazing. I was always very healthy and felt great. My births were relatively fast and easy. My children are healthy, smart, fun, engaging, and beautiful. It is my sincere desire to help all women and children have wonderful pregnancies and births and be as healthy as possible. Keep reading to find out how I do that, how you can attend a free Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby workshop, and how to get a free health coaching session with me.
          I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach. What is a health coach? In a nutshell, I look at how all areas of your life work together to create your overall health. I work with my clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and sustainable. I guide my clients to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support them so they can be optimally healthy. I also help my clients make gradual, lifelong changes that enable them to reach their current and future health goals. This is important in any phase of one’s life but especially important during pregnancy, when nutrition and lifestyle choices form the basis for the health of child and mother and dramatically impact how birth and recovery will go.
I work with women, couples, and families from preconception and pregnancy through postpartum, early childhood, and beyond to help women, children, and families be as healthy, happy, and balanced as possible. I support my clients in making positive changes that are based on their unique needs, lifestyle, personal preferences, and background. I use a personalized, holistic approach that is based on my clients’ needs.
To learn more about my approach, education, training, and experience, please visit my website, To summarize my education, training, and experience, I have a BS in Biology and Anthropology from Vanderbilt University, a MS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Tennessee, and a certification in Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I have been health coaching since 2004 and was mentored for years by a naturopath, physician, psychiatrist, chemist, and gourmet chef. My diverse education, training, and experience allow me to take broader, more holistic approach to health and wellness and effectively support others in achieving their goals.
When I became pregnant with my first child, I wanted her to have the best start in life possible. I learned everything about how to have the healthiest pregnancy, birth, baby, and recovery possible. I spent countless hours investigating, researching, reading, interviewing experts, etc. I learned all of the details of what to do and what not to do to have the healthiest baby possible. There is a lot to know! But don’t worry! I have condensed everything I learned into a program that anyone wanting to become pregnant or already pregnant can participate in. During the program, you will learn and incorporate into your life everything you need in order to have the healthiest outcomes for yourself and your baby.
I know firsthand the importance of healthy nutrition and lifestyle during pregnancy and postpartum, for both child and mother. For babies, what occurs when they are in utero profoundly impacts the rest of their lives. And you have a lot of control over that! You can take steps right now that will give your baby the best possible start in life. You can create a legacy of health and happiness for your entire family. Here’s how:
Step 1: Come to a FREE workshop I am giving on January 15 at 6PM–Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby. You will meet other soon-to-be moms, enjoy some tasty and healthy treats, have fun, and learn the basics of good nutrition during pregnancy. While there, if you have any specific questions, you can ask them. And we can chat a bit about Step 2.
Step 2: Schedule a FREE health coaching session with me, so we can talk about your specific situation, goals, and how we can work together to achieve those goals.
Step 3: Take part in either a group or individual Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby program where you will learn everything you need to know in order to have the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible!
          Get in touch with me today to save your spot at the workshop or schedule your free coaching session.
          In good health,


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